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Did you know that beetles are some of the most common pests not just in Nebraska, but all over the United States? In fact, about 25% of all insects are composed of this hardy creature. Even though beetles serve their own purpose in nature, eating decomposing organic matter or providing a food source for birds and other animals, they can quickly create a major problem within your residence or commercial property. To avoid this issue, reach out for dependable beetle control in Nebraska from your prompt experts at Benzel Pest Control.

How to Tell You Are Facing a Beetle Problem

Because beetles are so small, it may be initially hard to tell that something has gone wrong – until you suddenly notice these little bugs everywhere. If you do notice a few bugs or the telltale signs that they leave behind, it is essential to reach out for rapid support before a couple of beetles multiply into a couple hundred.

Some of the clear signs that beetles have invaded your home or business include:

  • Little holes in the fabric of your furniture or clothes, particularly wool
  • Shed skins, which may be transparent or even furry-looking, depending on the beetle
  • Larvae that look like small worms or maggots, which often like to crawl around at night
  • Tiny brown or black beetle droppings, sometimes as small as grains of sand
  • Visible beetles among your dry food products, particularly flour, rice, cereal, and pasta
  • Bare patches on leather or carpet
  • Bald spots on your pets’ fur

The Importance of Taking a Beetle Problem Seriously

If you have discovered a beetle here or there, you might not initially think that it is that big of an issue. The truth of the matter is that a few beetles can quickly erupt into a full-blown infestation, since adult beetles are able to lay at least 100 eggs or more simultaneously, depending on the species. Many beetles take as little as a month to fully develop, which means that the initial batch of 100 beetles will be able to lay their own sets of eggs in just thirty days. To avoid finding yourself overrun by these small but devastating bugs, it is crucial to contact our technicians right away for comprehensive support.

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What Sets Our Dedicated Team of Pest Specialists Apart from the Rest

When you seek out the services of our devoted crew at Benzel Pest Control, you can rest easy knowing that our team will provide the most efficient and effective services in the area. We never simply apply a single, generic method to get rid of your problem – after all, carpet beetles, flour beetles, and wood beetles are so distinct that it requires unique approaches to find them and eliminate them from your property. With our extensive training, our knowledgeable experts are prepared to identify the species of beetle that has taken over your property and put a stop to it.

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