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If you are tired of having to constantly spray trails of ants or remove sticky spider webs from your property, reach out to Benzel Pest Control. Our dedicated specialists make it our utmost priority to offer dependable Nebraska pest control services. You will finally be able to enjoy peace and quiet once again once our professionals tackle the issue.

Getting Rid of Stubborn Pests

No one enjoys having any kind of pest infestation on their property. To preserve your house or business from being destroyed by these problematic creatures, reach out for rapid support in controlling current and future populations.

Immediately alert us if your property has been infested by:

  • Beetles – Known for wreaking havoc on your garden plants as well as your food supply, trust us to completely remove these nuisances from your residence.
  • Bed Bugs - Notoriously known for being fast travelers, making sure to eliminate bed bugs from your property should always be the first priority. Give us a call to help with removal.
  • Rodents – Spotting a single rat or mouse on your property is enough to send your household into chaos or instantly stain your company’s reputation, so contact us for quick rodent removal.
  • Termites – A property with termite problems is at significant risk. To save your house or business from substantial structural damage, contact us for immediate support.

Why Should I Hire A Pest Control Professional?

If you suspect that you may have a pest infestation, it is important to act quickly and contact an exterminator. An experienced pest control professional will be able to assess the situation, identify the pest species, and recommend a treatment plan that will effectively eliminate the infestation.

In many cases, pest infestations can be treated with a combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments, including baiting systems, insecticides, traps, and exclusion sealants. Ultimately, hiring an exterminator can help protect your family and property from pest-related damage and ensure a safer living environment for everyone. So don't wait – contact our pest control experts in Nebraska for a profesional pest inspection today!

Contact us now at (308) 888-9924 to ask any questions about a lingering pest infestation.


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  • “This is the 3rd year we have had service from Benzels and we would highly recommend them.”

  • “Trenton was polite and professional.”

  • “He is always professional and provides information on the best pest control for our property.”

  • “He is very professional.”

  • “I bought a new house and thought somebody had skimped on the termite inspection, I called them.”


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Keeping Nature Outside Your Property

There are plenty of creatures that are essential to keeping our natural environment functioning as it should – without them, the circle of life would be completely unbalanced. The trouble is that even though these critters often have critical roles to play, they are only helpful when they stay in nature where they belong. Trust our team to get these creatures out of your home and back into their natural habitat.

Some of the species which we can safely remove include:

  • Ants – They may be some of the smallest insects around your home, but that doesn’t make them any more welcome. Though ants in nature are often responsible for helping natural decomposition along, they can be a big nuisance when they make their way into your property. We can get these little nuisances off your property so your home will be free of mess once again.
  • Bees, wasps, and hornets – These types of flying insects are important for the ecosystem, as they pollinate our critical crops and beautiful flowers. However, their bites and stings are often painful, so let us help you get these insects safely away from your home.
  • Spiders – Arachnids are a helpful part of the animal kingdom, controlling the populations of flies, gnats, and other flying critters, but no one wants those messy webs cluttering the inside of your property. We can make sure spiders stay outside where they belong.

No matter what kind of pest is currently bothering you, our knowledgeable team at Benzel Pest Control is ready to provide a superior solution with our Nebraska pest control services.

Call us today at (308) 888-9924 or contact us online for a real answer to your problem with stubborn pests.

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