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With so much open space in Wyoming, it's no surprise that we have the highest concentration of animals and insects out of anywhere in the United States. Though we enjoy experiencing these creatures in their natural habitats, it can feel frightening when they make their way into our homes. 

When you are dealing with unwanted pests in your home or business, reach out to Benzel Pest Control for quality pest removal in Cheyenne, WY, and the surrounding areas in Wyoming and Nebraska. We've been in the pest control business for nearly five decades, and pride ourselves on our education, experience, and dedication to the safety of our customers and their children and pets. 

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Providing Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services

If pests are roaming your home or commercial property trying to find a place to set up shop, stop them now by calling our Cheyenne, WY, pest control experts at Benzel Pest Control. There’s no pest control job too big or small for our team of professionals to tackle. 

Our technicians are dependable and knowledgeable, and they know how to find the pest so you can get back to your life. We also have a certified entomologist on staff!

We eliminate the following common pests:

Preventing pests and eliminating infestation from their homes and businesses is the most important part of our jobs and we take that responsibility to our customers very seriously. We make sure to take all necessary and appropriate safety precautions when eliminating pests and rodents from your property.

Check out our reviews to see why our customers love us! 

Signs You Need Professional Pest Control

Living in Cheyenne, Wyoming, means sharing the beautiful natural surroundings with a variety of pests. While some pests may seem harmless at first, they can quickly become a nuisance and pose risks to your property and health. 

If you're experiencing any of the following signs, it may be time to seek professional pest control services from Benzel Pest Control:

  • Unexplained Property Damage: If you've noticed unexplained damage to your property, such as chewed wires, gnawed furniture, or structural damage, pests could be to blame. Rodents, termites, and other pests have the potential to cause extensive and costly damage if left untreated. Professional pest control technicians can identify the source of the damage and implement effective treatment plans to eliminate the pests.
  • Presence of Pest Droppings: The presence of pest droppings is a clear indication of an infestation. Droppings can be found in various areas, including cabinets, pantries, basements, and attics. Different pests leave different types of droppings, so it's essential to have a professional pest control expert accurately identify the pest and recommend appropriate treatment.
  • Unpleasant Odors: Unpleasant, lingering odors in your home or business could be a sign of a pest infestation. Pests such as rodents, insects, or even dead animals can produce foul smells. If you've noticed persistent odors that you can't pinpoint the source of, it's crucial to have a professional pest control service investigate and address the issue.
  • Evidence of Nesting or Colonization: Discovering nests or colonies of pests in or around your property is a definite sign that you need professional pest control assistance. Pests like ants, wasps, and bees often build nests in hidden areas, such as wall voids, attics, or crawlspaces. Attempting to remove or disturb nests without professional knowledge and equipment can be dangerous. Expert pest control technicians can safely remove nests and prevent future infestations.
  • Increased Pest Activity: If you've noticed a sudden increase in pest activity, such as sightings of insects, rodents, or other pests during daylight hours, it's a strong indication that the infestation has reached a significant level. Pest populations can quickly grow and become difficult to control without professional intervention. Hiring a pest control service will ensure effective treatment and long-term pest management solutions.
  • Allergic Reactions or Health Concerns: Some pests can trigger allergic reactions or pose health risks. Common pests such as cockroaches, ants, and rodents can contaminate food and surfaces with bacteria, leading to potential health issues. If you or your family members experience unexplained allergies, respiratory problems, or persistent illness, it's essential to have a professional pest control service identify and address the underlying pest issue.

At Benzel Pest Control, our experienced and licensed technicians have a deep understanding of the pests commonly found in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We provide comprehensive pest control services tailored to your specific needs. 

Contact Benzel Pest Control today at (308) 888-9924 to schedule an inspection and consultation, and let us help you regain a pest-free environment in your Cheyenne home or business.


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Top Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Professional 

If you’re fighting a pest infestation or a rodent has built a nest in your attic, it can be tempting to try and do it all alone. If you’ve never tried to handle a pest problem on your own, you could quickly find yourself overwhelmed.

 Before you DIY your pest control issue, consider these top reasons to hire a professional:

  • Strategy: A pest control specialist will create a treatment plan for your property. It will identify your problems and offer a plan to eliminate your pest problem. A detailed plan will help you and your technician follow up or change strategies if the program doesn’t work. 
  • Savings: If you plan to DIY your pest control problem, it can get expensive fast. When you aren’t a professional pest control provider, you don’t have the equipment, materials, and traps needed to get the job done right. 
  • Pesticides: Some pest control materials and applications can be harmful if you don’t have the proper PPE to make them safe. When you aren’t a professional, you don’t know which treatments are dangerous or should be used with care. Pesticides must be handled with care and knowledge. 
  • Confidence: When you’ve hired a professional to handle a problem, you feel confident it was done correctly. If a dangerous pest has moved into your home or property, it’s a safety hazard that you removed. Handling a pest control issue without training could leave you unsure if your efforts worked or if the problem is resolved.
  • Follow-Up: A professional pest control specialist will follow up with you to ensure the treatment plan works and your problem has been resolved. 
  • Comfort: When you know your home is protected and bug or pest-free, you can relax when a professional pest control expert has handled the problem. Our Cheyenne, WY, pest control experts can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your best control services have been professionally managed by a qualified technician. 

You Can Trust Our Four Decades of Experience 

When choosing Benzel Pest Control to eliminate the bugs, insects, rodents, and wildlife invading your space, you can feel confident that a knowledgeable and reliable team is on your side. 

With over 45 years of experience serving this community, we know what it takes to protect your home and family. Our team uses innovative and high-quality treatments and techniques to ensure we get the job done right the first time. 

Customers trust Benzel Pest Control in Nebraska and Wyoming because we’re: 

  • We serve customers in English and Spanish
  • A third generation family owned & operated business
  • Excellent customer service and dedicated technicians 

Reach out to the experts at Benzel Pest Control at (308) 888-9924 or contact us online for pest control in Cheyenne, WY. We can provide solutions to help you fight any type of pest infestation.


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