About Benzel Pest Control

Benzel Pest Control has made leadership and professionalism in the Wyo-Braska region a family tradition.

Starting in 1976, Harvey Benzel made it his job to bring professional pest control services to the homes and businesses throughout the area.  Now that legacy is three generations and more than 40 years strong with more commitment than ever to the customers and area that we serve.

Professional pest management is a constantly changing science that requires a grasp of not only the pest organism you want to control, but also the best tools to use, and the protection of the environment that you use them in.  An understanding of these principles and a desire to make you, the customer, satisfied with our service is what you will experience when you hire Benzel Pest Control.

Satisfied customers

"Great job, So happy!"

Sandy Riley - Cheyenne, WY

(Regarding Services performed by Benzel Technician Richard Gallegos)